- Workshops, team building -

Quest in Luxembourg

Teams of 4 people in car will have to overcome a difficult path with a road book, which consists of several stages. Each team will be provided with an experienced guide. Each team member gets a part to play.

The scenario of the day:

1. Welcome snacks and short briefing (information on driving, recommendations, safety). The briefing will be held by quest coordinators, who will accompany the group during the day.
2. Team building. Soft drinks, snacks and instructions of the event of an emergency case are available in each car.
3. The team will have to find their way using carefully prepared road book .It consists of several stages of varying difficulty. All stages are organized so that the tasks are carried out by all participants in teams.
4. The restaurant is mentioned in the road book. Lunch.
5. During the day, there are several stops, during which each team will take part in fun activities led by experienced track coordinators.
6. At the last stop, we will sum up the event and award the winners.  Free drink.

* More than 10 routes are available for quest in Luxembourg. Program itinerary is on request.

"The combination of wine and food!"

Led by winemaker, you will learn the entire process of wine production and its combination with various products. After a short story about how to make wine and how to choose the right wine to the dish you will be divided into teams to choose the wine to the proposed dishes.

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

"Highland Games"

Highland Games is a world-famous traditional athletic competitions of Highlanders.
Legendary Highland Games "Scottish shooting", archery or crossbow, throwing logs, tug of war, keg toss, and more! Best entertainment!!! Special costumes and combat face painting will make you a true mountaineers!


Throwing logs
Toss a bag of hay
Throwing beer barrel
Pushing the stone
Horse carts

Duration: 2-3 hours