- Excursions -

Majestic Luxembourg
(walking tour)

This tour includes visiting old part of the city: Upper Town with the remnants of a mighty fortress, ducal palace and many other medieval buildings; Lower Town with new quarters and industrial buildings. A wonder of its time, the Aldophe Bridge had the greatest stone arch span in the world when it was built in 1903. It connects the old town in Haute Ville with the train station in Gare.
During the tour you will see  the building of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, the Notre Dame Cathedral (1613-1621 gg.), famous for its majestic sculptures and burial place of the Grand Dukes, as well as the tomb of the King of Bohemia and Count of Luxembourg John the Blind.
Your next visit is Bock Casemates - first underground tunnels which were built in 1644, in the era of the Spanish domination. It is these impressive defence works that conferred Luxembourg the name of “Gibraltar of the North”.

Duration: 2 hours

Magnificent castles of Luxembourg

Vianden - stretching along the shore of the narrow valley of the river Ur and located at the foot of the ancient castle Dukes of Nassau, this city is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Luxembourg. Vianden is famous because of Victor Hugo. The house of the writer was restored in 1948 and now it is a museum that holds some things and books once belonged to the great Frenchman. Together with a guide you will visit the fortress of Vianden. Built on the ruins of Romanesque castle, this majestic castle Le chateau de Vianden is still considered one of the most beautiful and important feudal estates, not only in Luxembourg but also throughout Europe. Today, Le chateau de Vianden is visited by about 200,000 people a year. Staying in Luxembourg is impossible to imagine without a visit to Echternach - one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Luxembourg, which is about 1000 years old. You will see Church of St. Peter and Paul Church, Market Square and the ruins of the fortress walls. After exploring the city you visit Le Chateau de Beaufort (XII-XVI century). Village Beaufort - the birthplace of the famous liqueur blackcurrant Cassis de Beaufort, which you can taste here, in the numerous restaurants and cafes. Optionally you can have a wonderful walk in the woods "Luxembourg Switzerland".

Duration: 8 hours

Wine Road - Remich and Nennig

We invite you to try the superior quality Moselle wines and gastronomic delicacies (trout and crayfish) produced in Remich. And also get acquainted with Nennig village. It is known for a Roman villa containing well-preserved mosaics that were excavated in the 19th century Discovered in 1852, a mosaic floor (10.3 x 15.65 m/34 x 52 ft) depicting scenes from amphitheatre games dominates the large reception hall of a Roman villa. The mosaic floor, with large brilliantly colored images and meandering geometric patterns, is one of the loveliest and largest north of the Alps. Remich is the pearl of the Moselle, small tourist town situated amidst vineyards on the bank of the river Moselleand an important wine and trading centre. Pavillions for wine and crémant tasting can be found there.

Duration: 4 hours