The Netherlands

- Excursions -

Beautiful Amsterdam
(walking tour)

Before you start your walking tour in Amsterdam you will get to know the legend about Amsterdam first foundation. It says that two fishermen and dog went run into a gale and their boat was cast ashore. They decided to build a hut where Amstel river  flows into the Gulf of Zuider Zee. The fishermen did not expect to stay there for a long time but it appeared differently and the whole village grew on that spot. To protect their houses from the rapid river it was decided to build the dike (in Dutch is “dam”). Hence, came the name of the city Amsteledame (dam on the Amstel) lately became as Amsterdam.
Tour guide will show you Dam Square,  Royal Palace and National Monument. From that point you move to Amsterdam Central Station which was built 120 years ago by famous architect Kaupers, walk along Spui street and Nieuwe Kerk church, shopping street Kalverstraat and you get to the courtyard of the monastery Begijnhof. You will pass through The Monetary Tower with flower market and then you reach museum square with 3 famous Dutch names: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Cobra Museum. After walking excursion you have the boat trip along Amsterdam canals.  

Duration: 3hours

Wonderful Amsterdam
with visiting the diamond factory (walking tour)

Excursion includes the walking tour route (see above) with visiting Diamond Factory. Tour guide will show you Dam Square,  Royal Palace and National Monument. From that points you move to Amsterdam Central Station which was built 120 years ago by famous architect Kaupers, walk along Spui street and Nieuwe Kerk church, shopping street Kalverstraat and you get to the courtyard of the monastery Begijnhof. You will pass through The Monetary Tower with flower market and then you reach museum square with 3 famous Dutch names: Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and Cobra Museum. After walking excursion you have the boat trip along Amsterdam canals.  

Duration: 4 hours

State Museum

The largest museum of the city - the National Gallery or the Rijksmuseum was founded by King Louis Bonaparte.
The museum is located in a huge palace built in 1885 in neo-Gothic style with Burgundian towers and sculptural reliefs.
The Rijksmuseum possesses unique collection  of Dutch painting, sculpture and applied arts. Not only wonderful Rembrandt’s works are presented there but also remarkable collection of paintings of the XVII century better known as the Golden Age of the Netherlands. 

Duration: 2 hours

Great Van Gogh in Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum was built in 1973 and maintains the world’s largest collection of the world’s most popular artist - Vincent van Gogh. It features more than 200 painting and 500 drawings. Here you find the outstanding and unique painting "Sunflowers". The first floor is occupied by the permanent exhibition of art works of the XIX century. The rest of the museum is used for temporary exhibitions revealing the art of Van Gogh in comparison with the work of his contemporaries.The rest of the museum space is used for temporary exhibitions revealing to the art of Van Gogh in comparison with the works of his contemporaries.

Duration: 2 hours

Excursion to Hermitage 

In the early 90-ies of XX century the State Museum "Hermitage" in St. Petersburg gave consideration to opening a branch museum in Western Europe. First exhibition “Hermitage Amsterdam" started in the end of February 2004. Artworks presented in the exhibition center "Hermitage Amsterdam" show the collection of more than three million exhibits of the State Museum "Hermitage" in St. Petersburg.

Duration: 2 hours

Night Amsterdam - Charming Amsterdam

Amsterdam awakes when twilight falls.  Explore the most interesting places of entertainment, discos and special attractions of the city in De Walletjes - famous Red Light District. Our tour guide will show you other side of Amsterdam life: its colors of freedom and independant beliefs. You can check Museum of Sex which is quite popular among the tourists. If you wish you can also visit the erotic show in the famous theater "Casa Rosso" and some coffeeshops where you can buy not only drinks but also marijuana.

Duration: 2 hours

Rembrandt and his Amsterdam

In the first half of the tour you will be introduced to Amsterdam through the eyes of Rembrandt. Here he created  his masterpieces "The Temptation of Abraham", "Lamentations", "Night Watch", "The Return of the Prod”.  You will visit some places in Amsterdam which are closely connected with the life and work of this great Dutch artist. Through the tour you will see Rembrandt Square, the mile which has the artists name, protestant church Westerkerk. Next stop is Rijksmuseum where are presented author’s works such as famous masterpiece “Night Watch”.  The tour ends at one of the most beautiful areas of Amsterdam - Rembrandtplein.

Duration: 4 hours

Jewish Amsterdam

This unique excursion in Amsterdam is dedicated to Jewish part of the city. The tour includes visiting old Jewish quarter which is located in the western part of the canal belts, place where lived Benedict Spinoza. It will be interesting to see such sights as the Portuguese Synagogue, monument to victims of the Holocaust; "Last House" - deportation point; House of Anne Frank. During sightseeing you will visit the Portuguese synagogue where you will get to know religious life of Jewish people.

Duration: 4 hours

Museum Stedelijk 

September 2012 – new opening of Stedelijk Museum. This dynamically styled building got new phase. Now there is much more place to represent museum famous collections. There is one of the biggest collections of contemporary art in the Netherlands. The most part of museum collection is the international contemporary art. Exhibitions change periodically. Some of them are radically innovative.
The world's greatest masterpieces by Matisse, Chagall Leger, Picasso, Mondrian, Malevich and Gerrit Retveldo are represented in this museum.

Duration: 2 hours


Get bicycle tour to see Amsterdam from the citizen’s eye. More than 10 thousand cycle lanes to ride through the picturesque landscapes of the Dutch provinces, national parks and nature reserves. We offer this tour via the most romantic areas of Amsterdam – Jordan which earned funny reputation among the citizens. It is difficult to imagine that this area was founded by French Huguenots. In the 17th century the area was industrial, but now there are a lot of cheap shops and cafes.

Duration: 2 hours

Amsterdam Cannabis Tour

Did you know that thousands of tourists from all over the world visit this city not only to enjoy Van Gogh masterpieces? Visit purpose of many clients is coffee shop. Only in Amsterdam there are more than 300 coffee shops. The history of Cannabis, the different types, the Dutch policy of tolerance and more other facts that deals with smoking weed will be talked about in this coffeeshop tour through Amsterdam. During our tour you will learn more info about soft drugs: difference between "sativa" and "Jamaica", hydroponics, all about space cakes, the carried amount of soft drugs and place where Quentin Tarantino wrote "Pulp Fiction". You will see and visit the world's only police station converted into a coffeeshop! Do you want to see how shrub of marijuana grows? How many bushes can be grown at home? What sort of hemp did receive a prize at the last Olympics of cannabis? Smart shops will be also a point of our tour.

Duration: 2 hours

"Het Scheepvaartmuseum"
Shipbuilding Museum

This museum is located on the canals belts  in a massive classical building which was built in 1656 as a warehouse and arsenal of the Amsterdam Admiralty. The size of the building is enormous: it keeps several very large ancient ships, as well as an extensive collection of paintings, maps and globes that illustrate the history of the Dutch seafaring. Temporarily exhibition is extremely wide: from the ships of the Roman Empire to the modern passenger cruise liners and yachts. Perhaps the most interesting museum exhibition is about the Golden Age. Children will enjoy a luxurious gilded barge, built in 1818 for King Wilhelm I, and reconstructed ship "Amsterdam" located at the dock near the museum. At last you can climb aboard and even meet with the team.

Duration: 2 hours

Museum of Contemporary Art COBRA

Cobra Museum of Modern Art is dedicated to Dutch art movement in 1948. The name is formed from the initial letters of the founders of movement - Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam.. The main representatives of the Cobra Museum are Asger Jorn, Nora Joseph, Christian Dortmont, Korneyl Constant and Carl Appel. 

Duration: 3 hours

Eye Filmmuseum

Viennese architects from Delugan Meissel Associated Office created "EYE" Museum.  There are many nice things to do in the museum-cinema such as learn about the history of cinema from different times and enjoy a variety of films in one of two cinemas. Museum archive contains of huge movie collection which is actually represents the history of world cinema and Dutch cinema in particular, from the first silent films of the 19th century to the delights of computer graphics special effects in recent years.
The Institute has more than 46,000 films, almost half a million photos, movie posters and movie soundtracks.

Duration: 2 hours

Author tour "Van Gogh"

9:00 Visiting Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
The museum features over 200 paintings by Van Gogh, including such well-known paintings as "Sunflowers" and "Bedroom at Arles Artist", as well as sketches, letters and pictures of other impressionist painters, friends of Vincent.
The exhibition is organized chronologically and divided into five chronological aspects: early work, Paris, Arles, Saint-Remy and Auvers.
11:00 - 12:15 Moving to Den Bosch, Museum Het Noordbrabants
12:15 - 13:15 Tour to Museum Het Noordbrabants Museum
The largest gallery was opened after a major overhaul in Museum of Northern Brabant in January 2014. Nine original paintings by Vincent van Gogh (1853 - 1890), a great artist out-of Brabant, in one place, including early self-portrait from the collection of Paris Van Gogh Museum. 
13:15  transfer to Nyuen town where Van Gogh parents lived 
Lunch at the restaurant De Opwettense Watermolen, restaurant listed as the golden collection of Van Gogh places
14:15 Transfer to Kroll Mueller Museum
15:30Tour in Museum of Kroll Mueller
There are only several places in the world where nature and architecture harmonize and  Kroll-Mueller Museum is one of them. The museum presents 88 paintings and 178 drawings - it is the second-largest collection of works by Van Gogh! In addition, there is permanent collection of famous artists such as Mondrian, Monet and Picasso, presented along with the works of modern masters.
17:00 Transfer to Amsterdam

Duration: 10 hours

Tour to Zaanse Schans and Volendam

Zaanse Schans, founded in the XIII century, today is a museum under the open sky. You will see how Dutch people lived many centuries ago and protected their land from flooding, how they built a mill, cooked cheese and made wooden shoes. During the tour you can buy traditional Dutch souvenirs. Entering the old town of Volendam which was the main fishing port of the country you check the dam which has been protecting Volendam for many centuries. During the tour you will experience traditional Dutch herring cooked according to an old traditional recipe. You will definitely enjoy the amazing small city with its traditions and customs!

Duration: 5 hours

Tour to Delft, The Hague and Madurodam Park
(with lunch in the restaurant by the North Sea)

Tour to The Hague - the political capital of the Netherlands.  Get to know the history of parliamentary country and the major historical events that have strengthened the position of the small but freedom-loving Netherlands during the 17th century. You will see the building of the International Court and visit the area of Victorian homes. Then you will discover the famous park Madurodam (mini Netherlands) - an open-air pavilion which represents the most interesting models of buildings, churches and even whole Dutch cities (scale 1:30).
From The Hague you move to the old Dutch city of Delft which for many years was the residence of the Prince of Orange. There you will visit the New Church with marble mausoleum of Prince William of Orange. House of Antonio van Livenguk, Old church with its beautiful stained glass windows that reflect the Dutch history; factories of the famous Dutch blue faience production – all this you will find in Delft.
As an option you can have a lunch in one of the restaurant on the coast of North Sea.

Duration: 8 hours

Holland and cheese
 Alsmeer, Alkmaar, Edam (cheese market on Fridays and Flower Auction)

You will visit 3 North cities. Aalsmeer city is located not far from Amsterdam and from 1850 it is famous for its flower farms. At the same flower the world's largest flower auction is held. It sells flowers and plants which are sent to all points of the globe by plane.Visitors can see the proposed product from high galleries, 5 auction rooms carry out 10 000 transactions per hour. The large cheese market in the medieval square in Alkmaar is world famous. During this visit you will get a great impression of an old-Dutch tradition of cheese auction. On the way back you will visit the medieval town of Edam which is alsowel known for producing the same kind of cheese.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour to Gouda and Utrecht

Utrecht spread out on the banks of Old Rhine and combines amazing Gothic style and the charm of canal embankments which were warehouse docks in the past and now it is picturesque terrace with cafes and cozy restaurants. Utrecht was the religious capital of the Dutch Catholics for centuries, the old town of the famous University, the main mint of the Netherlands. Museum of tools,  Railway Museum, Money Museum – these interesting museums you will find in Utrecht. Gouda has the same name with delicious Dutch cheese and it is the place where you can taste different cheeses, visit the Cheese Museum, and sit at one of the many terraces of the cozy town square and enjoy the lovely town hall.

Duration: 5 hours

Tour to Het Loo Palace, Park Hoge Veluwe, Kröller-Muller Museum

Stadtholder William III had Het Loo Palace built on the Royal Estate Het Loo as early as 1685. It served as the royal family’s summer residence for a long time, but has been converted into a magnificent museum since 1984. You will learn the history of the reigning House of Orange and see paintings, porcelain and silver utensils, the costumes of kings and courtiers. Museum possesses one of the world biggest collections of military medals and other awards from different countries.  Park is a unique monument of Dutch landscape art of the Baroque era. Kroller-Muller museum has a world-famous collection of paintings and sculptures of XIX-XX centuries. The museum boasts a fine collection Vincent Van Gogh works. Art works of Georges Seurat, Pablo Picasso, Fernand Leger, Piet Mondrian and other painters can be found here. The museum is located in the national park of Veluwe. The territory is like the "sculpture garden" - outdoor exhibits works of many famous sculptors including Auguste Rodin and Henry Moore are presented here.

Duration: 8 hours

Tour to De Haar Castle and Mauderslot

Muiderslot is one of the most famous castles of the Netherlands and it is located close to Amsterdam. Since the foundation of the castle in the XIII century it had many dramatic events. Its first owner Count Floris V was assassinated by his own attendants during his feud with the bishop of Utrecht. After,  the castle belonged to many owners and even happened to serve as a state prison. Now Muiderslot  is National Museum. It is decorated with paintings, antique furniture, suits of armor and weapons and recreates the atmosphere of antiquity. Castle gardens are also worth to see! Tourists can visit the spice garden and admire the ancient art of falconry in summer.
Castle de Haar is a fantastic place of the Middle Ages and it is located in the heart of modern Holland. The original Gothic building was founded in the XIV century. Restoration works have been made at the end of the XIX century. Not only castle and its surrounding gardens had medieval look but also the church and the nearby village of Haarzyuylens. According to legend there is a ghost of one of its former owners: Knight Conrad who drowned in the moat of his own castle.

Duration: 5 hours

Holland in one day
Arnhem (Museum "Openluchtmuseum" and Burgers' Zoo)

The open air museum "Openluchtmuseum" is located in a beautiful park on the outskirts of the vibrant city of Arnhem and presents the original buildings and objects of history bringing visitors to its past. We invite you to come back 200 years ago and feel the true spirit of the Netherlands! You will see museum farmhouses, cottages, shops, businesses and of course cafes! Then you move to Burgers' Zoo which is an example of a new type of zoo. The whole area of the zoo is divided into specific areas where the animals are part of the ecosystem. During the tour you will visit various natural areas and enjoy free-living animals, insects and plants in their natural live environment. Burgers Zoo and the Open Air Museum are close to each other. It will be fantastic day out for visitors of all ages!  

Duration: 8 hours

the brightest and most beautiful city of Holland!

Enkhuizen is a home of many famous historical persons of the 17th century:  master of landscape - Paulus Potter; 1st Dutch explorer who visited China and Japan -  Dirk Pomp,  map-maker – Jansz Wagenaar, creator of charts and atlases. Enkhuizen is the city of museums and parks. Enkhuizer Almanak Museum with collection of published calendars from 1686; Bottle Ship Museum has the largest collection in the world; Zyauderzeemuzeum - ethnographic museum in the open air.              

Duration: 5 hours

Tour to Rotterdam and Kinderdijk windmills

Tour to Rotterdam city – the pearl of modern architectural Holland. During the tour you will see skyscrapers in the central part of the city, cube house, Erasmus bridge and Erasmus University. Only  Gothic cathedral of St. Lawrence (XV-XVII centuries), historical museum, city hall, post office and market are in a fine state of preservation after the bombing during the Second World War. The tour will continue by visiting the former port area and the harbor. You will take a break to enjoy a delicious Dutch beer and then visit the Kinderdijk - a cascade of 19 mills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Duration: 8 hours

Gardens of Appeltern

Holland is considered the center of European gardening.  Appeltern gardens have been already exciting for 15 years. Landscape designers create there small gardens demonstrating an amazing landscape art. This village is between the river Maas and Waal with a population of 800 people. Gardeners and amateurs from all over Europe come here to get acquainted with new trends in landscape design. 190 model gardens located on 14 hectares became a source of inspiration for the visitors. The largest collection of more than 6,000 of plants is represented In Appeltern. Some kinds of it can be bought on the spot, but some can be only ordered from a catalog.

Duration: 6 hours

Mystical Hieronymus Bosch

'S-Hertogenbosch is the administrative center of the province of North Brabant. The historical city of Den Bosch is famous for its fantastic paintings from Hieronymus van Aken (pseudonym Bosch). The most historical monument is the Cathedral of St. John (Sint-Janskathedraal) which is located in the heart of the city. This cathedral was built in the 14th century. Among other important historical sites of the city you will see Town Hall of 's-Hertogenbosch and the oldest house in the city - "Morian". But the main city attraction is Art Center of Bosch. Bosch was born, lived and worked here. Many paintings are collected in this center. After watching the mystical and unique paintings visitors can go upstairs and enjoy the panorama of the city from a bird's flight.

Duration: 5 hours

Tour to Amersfoort

Amersfoort origins can be traced back to XI century. City has nickname: "Boulder City" (Keistad), which appeared after 1661 year when 400 citizens dragged the huge stone boulder as a bet. This story embarrassed Amersfoort’s inhabitants for a long time and they dug it right in the city. The main attractions are: Dual Gate "Koppelport" - an architectural landmark of 13th century, Church of St. George dating from 14th century and Tower of St. Mary Church. About Dutch brewing process you can find a lot of information in De Drie Ringen brewery. You can experience and buy a bottle of bock.

Duration: 5 hours