- Workshops, team building -

Oresund winter mills

Windmills are the source of energy for the future, and visiting offshore windmills is an exciting and magnificent experience - only a few people have the power of imagination to present a close up of an offshore windmill. The boat stops right under the windmills, where we feel their colossal dimensions. The trip begins at 48 huge windmills in Lillegrunda south of the bridge. Next, we will visit Middelgrunden with the first 20 windmills erected in Oresund, and we will stop at the Trekroner Fort, offering refreshing drinks. Finally, return to Copenhagen or to the destination of your choice.

Duration: 2.5 hour

How to become a Viking

Go to the Viking Shipbuilding Museum (we start the program with the Danish smørrebrød and drinks)! Activity options: - Raising the flag - each team receives 40 meters of rope, 1 flagpole 6 meters long, 1 pc. flag and knife. There is a place of 100 square meters. meters, where you need to install a flagpole and raise the flag, without entering the selected area. - Turn the sail - all members of the group are on the sail, after which it must be turned over to the other side, but none of the participants can leave it. - Viking game "Spit Freya" - 2 teams that compete with each other. The game is on cunning, balance and cunning. - Racing - there are three rafts, a rope and a rope, a path is laid, and you need to get on a raft from point A to point B. One person moves on 3 rafts along the route, the team helps him. - Great puzzle - each participant has a puzzle piece. Together, you need to lay down the overall picture. Group work, coordination and achievement of a common goal. - Throwing a stick - each person is given a stick, which they throw from hand to hand, then participants are gradually added, and sticks are transferred from participant to participant until the whole group participates in this process. Duration: on request, depends on the program