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A pedestrian excursion in Copenhagen
(walking city tour)

Copenhagen is the capital of the happiest people in the world. Acquaintance with the city will begin from the Town Hall Square in the very centre of Copenhagen, where you will get acquainted with the modern city. In the historical part of the city, you will see the place of public executions, the oldest fountain in the city of Caritas, the monument of the Reformation, after which all Danes from Catholics turned into Protestants, the building of the University of Copenhagen, the oldest gymnasium Regens, where the students from the poorest strata of the population settled, the Round Tower, the Post Museum and telegraph. After admiring the statue of Absalon, the building of the Stock Exchange, Parliament, the Church of St. Nicholas, continue along the longest pedestrian street in Europe - Stroget to the Royal Square and the Nyhaven Embankment, the tourist mecca of Copenhagen. On either side of the harbour in Copenhagen, there are colourful houses, the age of which is barely inferior to the age of the canal itself, and one of them (house number 9) was built even before the Nyhavn canal - in 1661. The world-famous storyteller Andersen once lived in one of these bright houses. Many of his works were written here.

Duration: 1.5 hours

City tour in Copenhagen

A tour of Copenhagen begins at the Town Hall Square, opposite the monument to G. H. Andersen. Here you will learn about the Town Hall, the Tivoli amusement park, the sculpture of trumpeters playing lure, the features of the town hall tower, what you still do not know about the storyteller Andersen, the world's best metro and the pedestrian street of the city. Then, along the pedestrian street, go deep into the historical part of the city. Here you will find the oldest market of the city and difficult history of nearby churches. Goose bumps will run through here - you will see a bloody place - a place of public executions, you will learn how the executions took place in Denmark. Next, waiting for a trip to the Latin Quarter and acquaintance with the oldest gymnasium of the city. The intersection of two pedestrian streets is the very centre of the city, it is always crowded here, there is something to see and do. Here you will meet one of the symbols of Copenhagen, the Stock Exchange building and the Museum of Thorvaldsen sculptures. You will learn, among other things, why the Christianborg Palace, where Parliament sits, has such a bizarre form, as well as add to your knowledge about the founder of Copenhagen and one of the most militant rulers of Denmark - Christian the Fourth

Duration: 3.5 hours

Tour to Christiana

The free city of Christiania is one of the last parts of hippie utopianism in the world. It is a self-governing commune with its own flag, currency and laws. It all began in the 1970s, when a group of people mastered the territory of the former military barracks and created a new society based on the principles of freedom and equality. Entering the territory of the district, the guest sees an inscription on a high wooden gate: “You are leaving the territory of the European Union”. The fence around Christiania is the frontier of an independent state within the state. The main source of income for Christiania is the sale of soft drugs. On the main street of Christiania - Pusher Street - is the largest marijuana market in the world. Here you will find old wooden houses, a complete lack of cars, flowerbeds where flowers grow in tandem with marijuana, air saturated with smoke from cigarettes with hashish and the most extravagant residents of the Danish capital, leading an alternative lifestyle here.

Duration: 1.5 hours

"Following Andersen"

Copenhagen - the city where the storyteller Andersen lived! Without a doubt, Andersen is the first association that occurs in people in the head when they hear the word "Denmark". Many people were brought up on the tales of Andersen, so today we are returning to childhood for a walk in the fabulous Copenhagen, a city woven from the tales of the great writer Anderson. Quay of the channel Nyhavn length of about a kilometre. Here, in houses numbered 20 and 67, Hans Christian Andersen himself once lived. This is truly a fabulous place. Multi-coloured - yellow, blue, green, orange - ancient cakes houses, funny sailing ships, dozens of nice restaurants and cafes with cellars and open terraces, where even in the most severe weather it is easy to warm up with delicious pastries and hot chocolate ... During the tour, you will see the old courtyard in which Kai and Gerda lived from the fairy tale “The Snow Queen”; a scaffold on which they wanted to burn dumb Elsa from the fairy tale “Wild Swans”; The prison in which the soldier was sentenced to death for a meeting with the princess; the castle, where in a rainy night, fleeing from the weather, the princess knocked; a bridge over the city canal, through which a tin soldier sailed, in a boat made of paper; .

Duration: 2 hours

Excursion to Roskilde

Just 30 minutes from Copenhagen, is the city of Roskilde, the city of both kings and Vikings. Strolling along the fjord, we will visit the Viking Shipbuilding Museum, located next door, in which everyone can get dressed as a Viking. It was here that the monarch sat and the most important government decisions were taken. One of the main attractions of the city is the magnificent Cathedral of St. Lucius - the place where 39 members of the royal family found eternal rest. The construction of the cathedral stretched for nearly 100 years and was completed by 1280. Today, the Cathedral of St. Lucius is a striking example of brick Gothic, introduced in 1995 by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. A walk through the tombs is a journey through the history of Denmark. The cathedral is divided into 6 large shrines, in which the monarchs of the past rest.

Duration: 5 hours