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This calm and balanced city is the capital of Denmark and is not at all like other capitals. It is surprisingly comfortable for life because of its architecture, the atmosphere of the streets and the picturesque views from cafes and restaurants. Everything in this amazing city disposes to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Andersen's fairy tales. Multi-coloured houses, the curvature of the streets of the medieval city, ancient lanterns, smiling locals, ships swaying at the moorings. As if the spirit of the Middle Ages is in the air itself, all that remains is to reach out and you will find yourself in a maelstrom of legends and adventures of this magnificent city. Town Hall Square, Newhavn Harbour, the famous Little Mermaid statue, a tower with a viewing platform throughout the city, Andersens house, Europes longest pedestrian street, Stroget, is only part of the attractions that attract tourists from all over the world. Copenhagen is famous for its museums. The park Tivoli is one of the largest and most popular in Europe. It was the oldest amusement park in the world. according to the plan of Georg Carstensen on the site of fortifications, once surrounded by the capital. A lot of buildings in the Arabic and Chinese style, the game of colourful lights in the evening hours, attractions and carousels, cafes, restaurants - all this brought Tivoli Park worldwide fame.

Billund (Legoland)

The worlds first Legoland was built in 1968 in the homeland of the Lego Group of Companies in Denmark, today it is the largest Legoland in the world. The famous Legoland Park is located on the Jutland Peninsula in Billund Mountain, 260 km from Copenhagen. Everything in the park is built from 46 million LEGO cubes of various sizes. Machines, airplanes, ships, Indians and pirates made from plastic cubes of the designer, seem real, and this gives such a realism to what is happening! The park zone of the Danish Legoland is divided into thematic blocks, each of which is intended for children of a certain age.


Roskilde is located on the hills in the depths of the fjord of the same name in the north-east of the island of Zealand. This is a small port with a population of about 50 thousand people. The name of the city means "the sacred sources of King Ro." The history of Roskilde has more than a thousand years. When the Vikings, he was the residence of the king and government of Denmark (from 1020 to 1416). During the reformation, it was an important religious centre. Roskilde Cathedral is the main church of Denmark and at the same time the tomb of the royal family. In the mausoleum and on the territory of the cathedral 39 kings and queens are buried. Some of the graves are very ancient, for example, the sarcophagus of Margrethe I, who ruled before 1396. In the Museum of Viking ships you can see the remains of the small Viking boats that were once submerged in the Roskilde fjord. Ancient ships are exhibited in a covered pavilion, and a museum site is open in the open air.