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Pralines and truffles workshop

Visit to Chocolate Museum "Choco Story" with chocolate workshop in Bruges. This city is considered to be the chocolate capital of the world. You will get the opportunity to know the world of chocolate, where chocolatiers will tell you all about the chocolate

Workshop includes:
Museum visit with the demonstration (1 hour)
Preparation of pralines and truffles (2 hours)
1 glass of wine combined with a tasting of chocolate

Pralines and truffles workshop price: from 55 euro per person

Duration: 3hours

Fencing Workshop 

You have a business trip and are looking for suitable entertainment during your meeting? Then fencing workshop perfectly fits!
Fencing is a combat sport that is practiced with one of the following weapons: saber or sword.
During the workshop you will learn the necessary tactics and techniques of defense, after which you can easily carry the duel. Everyone can do it!


  • A brief introduction to the theory and practice
  • Special protective clothing
  • Required attributes
  • Professional recommendations<
Price: from 88 euro per person

Duration: 2 hours

Make your own bottle of wine
(whole day program)

10:30 Start of the program. Gathering the group, instructions for the game.
11:00 Brussels quest
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:30 Free time
16:30 - 18:00 Workshop, during which participants produce their own wine under the guidance of an experienced sommelier. In addition, you will get an information about wine and how to sale and promote it on market. At the end of the program you can create your label and offer a business plan for its implementation in the city market.
18:00 - 21:00 Dinner

Price:on request

Number of people:20 persons

Interactive Cooking Workshop 'face 2 Face'

Culinary workshop will be a great addition to your vacation or business trip at the seaside. Two (or more) teams consisting of 8-15 people after a glass of champagne and a short briefing will be involved in a culinary adventure. Each team will be given a professional chef, range of products, as well as a set of dining utensils, with which they will compete in cooking delicious menu preparation (menu can vary). Participants will be required to share the duties and examine the best way of cooking of the most delicious dishes. Chefs will wear boxing gloves, so they will not help the participant in their cooking.  At the end of workshop everyone will get the opportunity to try their creations, as well as prepared dishes from another team. A bottle of special wine or olive oil will be given as a present for winning team.

Price: from 185 euro per person

Duration: 3-4 hours Number of participants: from 16 to 60 persons

Active teambuilding on the beach
(Nieuwpoort - Oostduinkerke)

09:15 - Arrival at the surf club Nieuwpoort - Oostduinkerke
Group T1 - bike rides in the harbor to start sailing
Group T2 - remains on the beach
09:45 - Group T2 remains on the beach and divided into two teams: T2a & T2b
T2a: rafting and kite surfing T2b
11:25 - changes in activity between the groups T2a and T2b
12:45 - T1 returns to the surf club
13:00 - Lunch at the beach
14:00 - Group T1 and T2 inverting
18:00 - Barbecue on the beach

Price: from 238 euro per person

Segway tour

Segway Tour is a great experience to explore Brussels. Age is unlimited: from 12 to 80 - everyone will be able to control this silent transport.

Price: from 78 euro per person

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants:10 persons

Treasure Hunt

We offer to go for a treasure hunt by the legendary and mythical 2CV. Teams of 4 people in car will have to overcome a difficult path with a road book, which consists of several stages. Each team will be provided with an experienced guide. Each team member gets a part to play.
The scenario of the day:
1. Welcome snacks and short briefing (information on driving, recommendations, safety). The briefing will be held by quest coordinators, who will accompany the group during the day.
2. Team building. Soft drinks, snacks and instructions of the event of an emergency case are available in each car.
3. The team will have to find their way using carefully prepared road book .It consists of several stages of varying difficulty. All stages are organized so that the tasks are carried out by all participants in teams.
4. The restaurant is mentioned in the road book. Lunch.
5. During the day, there are several stops, during which each team will take part in fun activities led by experienced track coordinators.
6. At the last stop, we will sum up the event and award the winners.  Free drink.

Price:on request
Duration: 5 hours
Number of participants:16 persons

Da Vinci Code Quest

Quest is held in competitive manner. Participants receive several coded tasks – to find places associated with the notable places of Brussels. The group is divided into several teams.
Members should not just compete on speed, but on intelligence. The idea of the quest is to unravel the mysteries of Da Vinci Code. Program includes masonry as Brussels was its European center during 19 century. During the program, the group will enter a local pub where they will taste the local beers. Next puzzle is in the bottom of the glass. Prepare yourself for the next adventure!
At each place you will puzzles and questions. Your task is to find a right answer (assistant will coordinate you during the search).

Duration: 3 hours quest ± 1.5 hours lunch in a national restaurant of Brussels

Price: from 150 euro per person * Additional charge for multilingual assistance (minimum of 2 hours)