- Workshops, team building -

Dance lessons of viennese waltz

Elmayer is part of Vienna.
The doors of this institution are however open also to guests who come to Vienna to experience Viennese Waltz at the only traditional dancing school in this city of music and culture.
Clean shoes with leather soles required!

Duration: 1 hour

Wine maker for a day

The region in the area of Burgenland combines harmoniously natural, cultural and sports events as well as health and "joie de vivre" with excellent wine and food.
2000 hours of sunshine and 300 sunny days are not only enjoyed by the tourists at the Lake Neusiedl regio, it is also provide for the optimal climatic conditions for the grapes of the regional wine-growing areas Lake Neusiedl and his hilly country.
The vineyards in the Lake Neusiedl region are considered outstanding for their wines in Austria. There are numerous national and international awards that confirm the excellent wines are produced.
You will have a change to be a winemaker for a day, where you will learn about the region and how to produce a wine. Together in a team you will handle some duties, like washing the bottles, felling it with wine, answer some questions... Lot's of fun and action is guaranteed. And during this tour you want miss some wine-tasting and delicious food!

Duration: 8 hours

Segway tour in Vienna

An original, fun way of moving around the city, which is always sure to attract attention. Slide around the city centre at your own pace on board this advanced personal transport system, designed to travel on the pavements without getting tired. It is also equipped with a GPS which acts as a tourist guide, commenting on Vienna's best known and most colourful sites.

Participants: 8-20 personce

Duration: 2-3 hours

Beer seminar at the Wiedeb Brau Vienna!

The old-Viennese brewery house in Vienna - Wieden has existed since 1991 and has made its mission to brew beer against the prevailing standard taste. A brewmaster from Bavaria ensures that here at the brewery house in the "Waaggasse auf der Wieden" light, malty and natural beers are served. Since different types of malts (depending on beer type) are used and mashed for brewing in the mash tun according to the German Reinheitsgebot, the beer here at the Wieden Bräu is clearly malty, but also lighter than conventional Austrian lager beers. As the beers are only served in the adjoining tavern it is not necessary to filter them after fermentation and storage. You can recognize this type of beer by its natural turbidity which we call a "Zwickl" beer. This natural beer is due to the still existing yeast components, vitamins and trace elements healthier than a filtrated beer.

Duration: Basic information of beer production 45-70 minutes

Participants: 10- 20 persons( bigger groups will be divided )

Beer, wine and schnaps-tastins

Austria is quite famous for its desserts, but one shouldn't miss to try our delicious wines from the Wachau Valley, the province of Burgenland or the vineyards in and around Vienna, as well as our home brewed beers and spirits.

Participants: 10- 20 persons

Duration: 1 hour

Apple strudel workshop

The strudels can be sampled immediately, taken away or prepared for delivery. The diploma entitles participants to call themselves a genuine Viennese Apple Strudel Baker. Each participant is also presented with a copy of the original recipe.

Duration: 2 hours

Number of participants:: For groups of up to 25 persons

Dinner with the austrian national show

Do not miss your chance to experience musical and culinary journey through the mountains of Tirol, charming lakes of Salzkammergut (Lake District), and from the romantic Danube Valley to imperial Vienna to "Austrian Dinner Show". Traditional folklore tunes and colorful dances, romantic arias from Salzburg, the famous waltzes and operettas from Vienna, excellent soloists and spirited dancers will enchant you with their performance. Dinner is served in the restaurant located in the Town Hall in the historical center of the city. Authentic halls create special atmosphere so you can enjoy delicious dinner in the Austrian style, as well as the bright colorful show with music, songs and dances. The program consists of 3 parts - Rose from Tyrol, The Sound of Music, Blue Danube. The dinner menu includes: smoked pork with marinated vegetables and salad, traditional steak with fried onions, potatoes and pickles, plum soufflé.

Dinner in a viennese heurige

The real Viennese “heurige”. Numerous songs have been dedicated to them, they have served as a background for many films. However, in the legendary comfortable atmosphere, they primarily fine Viennese wines and the fitting culinary accompaniment. The family tavern which was founded in 1602 "Wine Tavern Wolf" and located in Vienna's wine villages of Neustift Am Walde combines in it Viennese music, wine and food. Dancers in traditional costumes, 2 singers, national songs, Viennese waltz and operetta, wine, without limitation, homemade bread and cheese plate - that is all about traditional Vienna!

Painting workshop

Tap into your creative potential, discover your artistic skills and be amazed by your own capabilities. Enjoy looking at artworks together, finding out more about art techniques, and experimenting with different materials. The focus of this tour is Gustav Klimt’s golden paintings, a wonderful source of inspiration for crafting your very own souvenir using delicate gold leaf.

Duration: 2 hours

Cold war Vienna tours

Riding nostalgic bicycles, we pass the office of the Allied Council on former "Stalin Square", the military hotels of the Allies, the centres of the black market, the "Russian Monument" and much more. You learn about backgrounds and Vienna's role in an international context, all illustrated with historic photo material from the Third Man Museum.
The tour ends with a visit to the exhibition "Post-war Vienna" in the Third Man Museum, where a vast array of original documents arouse the Vienna of the time.

Duration: 3 hours